Order a subscription to SKATING magazine

To order SKATING magazine without becoming a U.S. Figure Skating member, click here. SKATING magazine is published 10 times a year. Costs are as follows: $32.50 U.S., $42.50 Canada, $52.50 Foreign.

Become a U.S. Figure Skating Member

All U.S. Figure Skating members (not including Basic Skills members) receive a complimentary subscription to SKATING magazine as part of their membership. Become a member!

Become a Friends of Figure Skating Member

You can receive SKATING magazine by becoming a Friends of Figure Skating member (fan-based membership). For a minimum contribution of $50 ($50 Canada, $60 foreign) you will receive the magazine along with other great gifts. In addition, a portion of your membership will also go to support the Memorial Fund.

You can become a Friends of Figure Skating member online. You can also download and complete the Friends of Figure Skating Brochure (PDF) and mail it to Friends of Figure Skating at 20 First Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 with your payment. To order by phone, call U.S. Figure Skating Headquarters at 719.635.5200 and ask for Giving Programs.

Order back issues

If you're interested in ordering single copies of SKATING magazine back issues, click here.