Timothy Goebel

Born: September 10, 1980 – Evanston, Illinois
Height: 5'7"
Hometown: Rolling Meadows, Illinois
Training Town: Fairfax, Virginia
Coach: Audrey Weisiger
Choreographer: Tatiana Tarasova

U.S. Team

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Competitive History
2006   State Farm U.S. Championships - 7th 1999   Keri Lotion - USA vs. the World (Team) - 1st
2005   Trophee Eric Bompard - 4th 1999   NHK Trophy - 2nd
2005   Smart Ones Skate America - 6th 1999   Skate America - 2nd
2005   Campbell's Classic - 3rd 1999   Keri Lotion Classic (Team USA) - 2nd
2005   Marshalls U.S. Figure Skating Challenge - 3rd 1999   World Championships - 12th
2005   World Championships - 10th 1999   Four Continents Championships - 13th
2005   State Farm U.S. Championships - 2nd 1999   State Farm U.S. Championships - 3rd
2004   NHK Trophy - 2nd 1998   Cup of Russia - 12th
2004   Campbell's Classic - 1st 1998   Keri Lotion Classic - 6th
2004   Marshalls World Skating Challenge - 6th 1998   Goodwill Games - 5th
2004   State Farm U.S. Championships - withdrew 1998   ISU Junior Series Final - 1st
2003   International Figure Skating Challenge - 4th 1998   State Farm U.S. Championships - withdrew
2003   NHK Trophy - 2nd 1998   World Junior Championships - wdrw-INJ
2003   Cup of China - 1st 1998   World Junior Selection Competition - 1st
2003   Campbell's Classic - 2nd 1997   Ukranian Souvenir - 1st
2003   ABC Sports International Challenge - 2nd 1997   Nebelhorn Trophy - 1st
2003   World Championships - 2nd 1997   Grand Prix St. Gervais - 1st
2003   State Farm U.S. Championships - 2nd 1997   State Farm U.S. Championships - 6th
2002   Crest Whitestrips Challenge - 3rd 1997   World Junior Championships - 2nd
2002   Campbell's Classic - 6th 1997   World Junior Selection Competition - 1st
2002   Hershey's Kisses Challenge (team) - 1st 1996   Pokal der Blauen Schwerter - 2nd
2002   World Championships - 2nd 1996   Grand Prix St. Gervais - 2nd
2002   Olympic Winter Games - 3rd 1996   Gardena Spring Trophy - 2nd
2002   State Farm U.S. Championships - 2nd 1996   State Farm U.S. Championships, Junior - 1st
2002   Grand Prix Final - 3rd 1996   World Junior Championships - 7th
2001   Hershey's Kisses Challenge (team) - 2nd 1996   World Junior Selection Competition - 2nd
2001   Nations Cup - 2nd 1996   Eastern Great Lakes Regional, Junior - 1st
2001   Smart Ones Skate America - 1st 1995   U.S. Olympic Festival - 2nd
2001   World Championships - 4th 1995   State Farm U.S. Championships, Junior - 5th
2001   Grand Prix Final - 5th 1995   World Junior Championships - 14th
2001   State Farm U.S. Championships - 1st 1994   Pokal der Blauen Schwerter - 4th
2000   Nations Cup - 2nd 1994   U.S. Olympic Festival - 2nd
2000   Skate America - 1st 1994   State Farm U.S. Championships, Novice - 1st
2000   World Championships - 11th 1994   Midwestern Sectional, Novice - 1st
2000   State Farm U.S. Championships - 2nd 1994   Eastern Great Lakes Regional, Novice - 1st
2000   Grand Prix Final - 3rd 1993   Eastern Great Lakes Regional, Novice - 1st

2005-06 Season Notes
Short Program Music: “Swing Kids”; Free Skate Music: “Night on Bald Mountain”

Goals are to earn a spot on the Olympic Team and qualify for a Grand Prix Final.

2004-05 Season Notes
SP Music: "Concerto Elegiaque for Piano in D Minor" by Rachmaninov: FS Music: "Queen Symphony" by Tolga Kashif ... Goebel was back in form early in the season after equipment trouble and injury plagued him in 2003-04 ... Won the Campbell's Classic, then finished second at NHK Trophy ... He was looking to qualify for the Grand Prix Final, but a sudden back/neck injury forced him to withdraw from both Cup of Russia and Marshalls World Cup of Skating ... Left coach Frank Carroll after NHK Trophy and will now be training with Audrey Weisiger in Virginia.

2003-04 Season Notes
2003-04 Music - SP: "Romeo and Juliet" by Prokofiev; FS: "The Queen Symphony" by Tolga Kashif ... Goebel debuted his new free skate to "The Queen Symphony" at the Campbell's Classic Oct. 3 ... He did not attempt any of his trademark quads, and he finished second behind Evgeny Plushenko ... Due to recurring boot problems, Goebel was forced to withdraw from Smart Ones Skate America ... He won Cup of China, his first Grand Prix event of the season and finished second at the NHK Trophy ... Goebel qualified for the Grand Prix Final but his boot problems forced him to withdraw ... His boot problems continued to plague him throughout the season, and he was forced to withdraw from the State Farm U.S. Championships after placing 10th in the short program ... Finished up the season by placing sixth at the Marshalls World Skating Challenge.

2002-03 Season Notes
Goebel won his second consecutive World silver medal in Washington, D.C., in March ... He followed that with a second-place showing at the ABC Sports International Figure Skating Challenge in April ... Goebel picked up his third U.S. silver medal and second straight at the 2003 State Farm U.S. Championships ... He had four quad jumps planned for the free skate, which if he landed all the quads, he would have become the first man to land four quads in a single program in major competition (he did not accomplish the feat). Following a sixth-place finish at the Campbell's International Figure Skating Classic in Daytona Beach, Fla., Goebel announced that he was suffering from a right hip strain injury and would miss the 2002-03 Grand Prix Series ... Goebel returned to competition on Dec. 13 at the Crest Whitestrips International Figure Skating Challenge in Auburn Hills, Mich. In a final tune-up prior to the 2003 U.S. Championships, Goebel placed third in the impressive lineup of competitors ...

2001-02 Season Notes
Goebel claimed the bronze medal at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City andbecame the first U.S. man to medal in the Olympics since Paul Wylie captured the silver in 1992... In the process, Goebel, 21, became the first person to ever land a quadruple Salchow in Olympic competition as well as the first to land three quadruple jumps in Olympic competition.. Goebel qualified for his third straight Grand Prix Final with a gold medal at Skate America and a silver medal at Nations Cup. Goebel started the Grand Prix Series with his second consecutive Skate America title and his second international senior gold medal at 2001 Skate America.

Goebel was the USOC SportsMan of the Year for Figure Skating in 2003 ... Goebel is pronounced "Gable" ... Goebel claimed the bronze medal at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City and became the first U.S. man to medal in the Olympics since Paul Wylie captured the silver in 1992 ... Goebel, known as the "Quad King," became the first American men's figure skater to land a quadruple jump in competition ... He is the first skater ever to land the quadruple Salchow in competition ... Is the first skater to ever land a quadruple Salchow and quadruple Salchow-triple combination in the World Championships (1999) ... Is the first skater to land three quadruple jumps in one performance (Skate America '99 – free skate) ... Goebel began skating at the age of 4 ... The athletes he admires most are Scott Hamilton and Brian Boitano ... He was previously coached by five-time World champion Carol Heiss Jenkins at WInterhurst Ice Rink outside Cleveland, Ohio ... From June 2000 - November 2004 he trained in California with coach Frank Carroll.

When not on the ice Goebel enjoys spending time with friends ... His hobbies include music and dance clubs ... Most prized possession is his gold crucifix from Rome, Italy ... Has a passion for “learning” ... Was a member of the National Honor Society from 1998-1999 ... Was a member of his school's honor roll from 1992-1999 ... Most recently attended Loyola Marymount University in Southern California ...Has a web auction of his skating memorabilia to raise money for the Red Cross/Tsunami Relief effort ... Is also involved with Catholic Charities and the Make-A-Wish Foundation ... Sends letters and care packages to a U.S. soldier he “adopted” who is in the military intelligence unit of the U.S. Army ... Has a shitzu named Toby ... Loves Ben and Jerry's Phish Food ... Has gotten into watches and began collecting them ... Favorite movie is "Best in Show" ... Has a fear of flying ... What most people do not know about him, “I am a real neat freak. I spend a lot of time cleaning. I am also a news junkie.” ... If he could meeting any current living celebrity, would choose Larry King ... After his skating carreer, would like to finish college and work in investment banking ... Motto in life is “Hard work pays off.” ... Describes himself as loyal, honest and ambitious.