Special Achievement Awards

The U.S. Figure Skating Special Achievement Awards are pins given to athletes to encourage performance-related markers in their programs at regionals and sectionals. Awards are only given out for the free skate event segments in all levels at regionals, and in juvenile through novice pairs, singles and free dance at sectionals.

Awards are given out to the skater, couple or pair in each group that earns the most points for designated elements for their level and discipline and to all skaters who earn at least one +2 or +3 Grade of Execution for any element in their program.

Grade of Execution (GOE) is defined as a measure of how well each element is performed in the International Judging System (IJS). The technical panel identifies the level of an element, and a separate judging panel awards a GOE for each individual element on a scale of -3 to 3. The GOEs can either add or subtract from the base value of each element, and contribute to each skater's total score. If the element is performed adequately, a GOE of 0 is awarded. If the element is better than adequate, a +1, +2 or +3 GOE is given, based on the quality of the element. A +2 or +3 GOE (needed to earn a Special Achievement Award) indicates an element was performed exceptionally well. Skaters can dramatically increase their score by earning positive GOE marks. There are specific guidelines for the marking of GOEs for each specific element.

To see these guidelines for singles and for pairs, see below:

Singles and Pairs: Click here (PDF)