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December 2003, Vol 80, 10

U.S. figure skaters wish you a happy holiday season! Highlighted in this issue is coverage of 2003 Smart Ones Skate America, where U.S. skaters took home four medals, including three golds. The event was also the start of a major test of the ISU's new judging system, which was used in all events of the 2003 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Series.

November 2003, Vol 80, 9

Ann Patrice McDonough was only 3 when she started skating, but she knew right away what she liked most about the sport. She liked the idea of performing in front of an audience and hearing her program music over the rink speakers. Most of all, she liked to compete.

October 2003, Vol 80, 8

Nike has the swoosh. McDonald's has the golden arches. Now U.S. Figure Skating has the boot.

As the competitive season gets underway, you will begin to see this fresh, exciting look for figure skating reflected in a variety of places. A dynamic organizational logo and redesigned web site are two of the ways U.S. Figure Skating is moving boldly into the millennium - and endeavoring to attract and retain audience support.

Aug/Sept 2003, Vol 80, 7

It was a sunny June day when Michael Weiss arrived at The Gardens Ice House in Laurel, Md., from his home in McLean, a Washington, D.C., suburb.

Jun/Jul 2003, Vol 80, 6

For the first time since the inaugural World Synchronized Skating Championships were held in Minneapolis in 2000, the event came back to North America. In a country where skating is a national passion, Ottawa, Canada, couldn't have been a better host for the 2003 event.

May 2003, Vol 80, 5

Before the 2003 World Figure Skating Championships began there was speculation that the U.S. war with Iraq would affect, or perhaps even cancel, the event. But the reality was far from the speculation. The championships went off as planned, and the world focused its eyes on Washington, D.C., as the top skaters battled for the title of World champion.

April 2003, Vol 80, 4

Peggy Fleming has seen a lot of skating over the years. But when the 1968 Olympic gold medalist stepped out of the ABC-TV broadcasting booth in January at the 2003 State Farm U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Dallas, she knew she had just witnessed something special. She had just watched one of the strongest groups of American ladies skaters ever, if not the strongest.

March 2003, Vol 80, 3

Grace and elegance. Thrills and spills. The senior competition at the 2003 State Farm U.S. Championships had it all. Michelle Kwan won her seventh U.S. title. Michael Weiss jumped from fourth place to win the men's title after the top three men had major problems in the free skate. Tiffany Scott and Philip Dulebohn won the gold in the pairs competition for the first time despite not skating a clean free skate, while Naomi Lang and Peter Tchernyshev won their fifth straight title in the ice dancing competition.

February 2003, Vol 80, 2

U.S. Figure Skating is looking for new judges. Could you be one of them?

Have you ever watched a skating competition and felt that you could evaluate the performance as well as the experts? Or perhaps you don't skate as often as you once did but would like to remain active in the skating community?

January 2003, Vol 80, 1

Growing up in the gold-mining town of Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Tom Collins never expected to emerge as one of the most prominent men in figure skating. The way he tells it, it's amazing he ever got involved in the sport at all.

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