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December 2004, Vol 81, 10

With the holidays fast approaching, we thought it would be fun to ask many of the top U.S. skaters to share some of their favorite seasonal memories. And share they did. Whether it's the Weiss clan gathering for a traditional pig pickin' in North Carolina, or a Matthews family dinner at the Walnut Room in Chicago, you'll enjoy reading about how your favorite athletes have enjoyed the holidays over the years...

November 2004, Vol 81, 9

Kimmie Meissner has a vivid memory from the ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final last December in Sweden. She was training during a practice session when she looked over and saw Japanese skater Miki Ando land a quadruple Salchow.

"Did you see that?" Meissner asked her coach, Pam Gregory.

Indeed, Gregory had. "She did like millions of them," Meissner said. "It was amazing. I was shocked."

Meissner had heard about the jumping ability of Ando and the other Japanese skaters. But seeing the quads right in front of her was different from hearing about them. ...

October 2004, Vol 81, 8

After school, 9-year-old Sophie Matons spends a couple of hours at the rink perfecting her pre-preliminary free skating test. During breaks she sits in the figure skating club office, opens her books and gets a head start on homework assignments. It's a familiar routine for the focused fifth-grader.

"I want to succeed in school and in skating because I really like to do both," said Matons, who maintains a 90 or above average at St. Andrew School in Newtown, Pa. "I love to skate and will probably do it for the rest of my life. School is important, too, because that's how you are going to make a living. It would be fun to say I mastered both athletics and academics."

August/September 2004, Vol 81, 7

Forget about that disaster in Dallas. For Johnny Weir, that's all ancient history.

No longer does he think about the time he skidded into the wall during the free skate at the 2003 State Farm U.S. Figure Skating Championships - a slip-up that cost him a spot at the World Championships and a mistake that bruised his ego and reputation. No longer does he worry about what others think of him and that day.

June/July 2004, Vol 81, 6

When the Finnish teams arrived in Zagreb, Croatia, for the 2004 World Synchronized Skating Championships, which were held April 1-4, they removed the lanyards from their credentials and replaced them with their own lanyards that read: "Suomalainen Voitta Aina," which means "Finns always win." ... While Finland was making history, the U.S. teams both finished in the top 10 with the Haydenettes placing fourth.

May 2004, Vol 81, 5

In a sport where the outcome is often predictable, the 2004 World Figure Skating Championships in Dortmund, Germany, were different. The word surprise was used often to describe the event.

April 2004, Vol 81, 4

Once upon a time, not too long ago, adult skaters who took lessons and wanted to jump and spin and maybe even compete were thought of as weird.

March 2004, Vol 81, 3

Disbelief. Joy. Agony. Elation. These were the emotions of the 2004 State Farm U.S. Figure Skating Championships. The stories of these emotions were told on the faces of the competitors.

February 2004, Vol 81, 2

You might think that 20 years after winning an Olympic gold medal you'd finally get a break. Your days of endless training and fretting over competitions would be behind you. The pressure of performing in front of live audiences would be over. There would be no worries over endorsements and TV contracts. It would be your time to relax.

January 2004, Vol 81, 1

The year was 1923. The Charleston was the hot dance. The Jazz Age was getting underway. Flapper fashion, with shorter skirts and bobbed hair, was becoming fashionable. The U.S. Figure Skating Association was 2 years old, and by December of that year the organization would have its own official publication called SKATING magazine. The world, the sport of figure skating and SKATING magazine have changed in the past 80 years. Here we'll recount SKATING's journey from 1923 to present day.

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