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December 2007, Volume 84, 10

With the competitive season at its peak, the holidays offer skaters the perfect opportunity to take a short break, catch their breath and spend quality time with family and friends.

November 2007, Volume 84, 9

For Ryan Bradley, it was in Spokane where seven years of disappointment came to a resounding end in front of a boisterous sold-out crowd.

October 2007, Volume 84, 8

Amy Hughes, mother of Olympic champion Sarah and U.S. silver medalist Emily, battled - and beat - breast cancer. Now, she and her family and determined to spread awareness about the disease.

August/September 2007, Volume 84, 7

With the 2007-08 competitive campaign about to commence, the U.S.'s reigning World Junior champions are anxious to test the waters against the top senior-level competition on the planet.

June/July 2007, Volume 84, 6

A year after almost deciding to give up the sport, U.S. pairs champions Brooke Castile and Ben Okolski are glad they chose to stay together.

May 2007, Volume 84, 5

The bronze medal Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto secured at the 2007 World Championships almost didn't happen.

April 2007, Volume 84, 4

Despite the fact that eight of their skaters - just about half the team - came down with a nasty virus just prior to their free skate, the Haydenettes battled through their technically difficult program to maintain their slim lead over Miami University after the short program and land them atop the medal stand at the 2007 U.S. Synchronized Team Skating Championships.

March 2007, Vol. 84, 3

If grades were handed out for the 2007 State Farm U.S. Championships, A+ would be the mark awarded across the board.

February 2007, Vol. 84, 2

When New York Cares, the Big Apple's leading volunteer organization, and event sponsor Weatherproof Garment Company asked Sasha Cohen to co-host their "Coat-The-Rink-Skate-A-Thon" last month, the Olympic silver medalist knew it was a perfect fit.

January 2007, Vol. 84, 1

With a new choreographer and athletic-driven programs, Johnny Weir has been re-energized.

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