April 2005

All That Glitters

Tanith Belbin was just a toddler when she first laced up a pair of skates. Her first coach was her mother, Michele. It didn't take long for both of them to come to the conclusion that this wasn't the best situation for either of them.

"That put too much strain on our relationship as mom and daughter," Tanith said.

So they came up with a compromise. Michele, who studied fashion design at St. Lawrence College in Canada, would no longer coach her daughter but would instead assist Tanith's skating career off the ice by making her costumes. It's an arrangement that to this day - Tanith is now 20 - works extremely well. Every time Tanith skates with partner Ben Agosto, she is wearing an original - a costume designed by Mom.

Read all about the costumes of the past and present in the April issue of SKATING.

Also featured in this issue ...

National Skating Week

Figure skating clubs across the country celebrated and promoted the sport during National Skating Week. Turnout at the events was phenomenal, and by all standards National Skating Week was a resounding success. Read some of the reports from clubs and programs that took advantage of the annual promotion.

In Synch - The Hockettes in Germany
by Jaime Hartman

On Jan. 20-22, 2005, Germany held its first ISU synchronized skating competition, the Cup of Berlin. Representing the United States at the junior level were the Hockettes from Ann Arbor, Mich. One member of the team, Jaime Hartman, shares her memories of the event, and provides her unique insight into how one of the best junior synchronized teams in the world prepares for a big competition, and how they react when the chips are down.