January 2007

Change of direction

When he finished his last whirlwind of a season, Johnny Weir was done.

After a rollercoaster year - winning his third U.S. Championships, qualifying for the Olympics, then performing below his expectations in Torino, Italy, and fighting back pain throughout the World Championships - Weir was burnt out and ready to hang up his competitive skates ... at least for a little while.

"Last year was such a big year, and such a sort of disappointing one for me, personally and professionally, that I just wanted to get as far away from skating as possible," Weir said. "I don't think that I would have really been involved with this season as much. I would have taken off the Grand Prix or taken off nationals, something, if it hadn't been for Marina."

The Marina he's talking about is Marina Anissina, Weir's new choreographer, who has breathed new life into his skating.

Read all about Johnny Weir in the January issue of SKATING.

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Moments in time
by Amy Rosewater

Throughout the years, the figure skating world has had many riveting stories, stories of heartbreak and, of course, controversial stories. Through it all, there have been a handful of reporters who have traveled the globe to witness it all. Who are these people who busy themselves with detailing the lives of skaters?

Zhang zings 'em
by Sal Zanca

Mingzhu Li knows a thing or two about coaching champions.

She coached Lu Chen, who was the 1995 World titlist and two-time Olympic bronze medalist.

Li is now in charge of Caroline Zhang, who romped to big victories this season and dominated the competition at the Junior Grand Prix Final, presented Dec. 7-9, in Sofia, Bulgaria.