November 2007

Long and winding road

Entering the 2006-07 season, Ryan Bradley was still flying under the radar when it came to breaking into the U.S.'s elite class, but with the retirement of Olympians Michael Weiss, Timothy Goebel and Matt Savoie, the time for a breakthrough season never appeared better.

Bradley started the campaign with an eighth-place finish at Skate America. From there, he placed second at the Midwestern Sectional Championships, qualifying him for the 2007 U.S. Championships in Spokane, Wash.

It was in Spokane where seven years of disappointment came to a resounding end in front of a boisterous sold-out crowd.

Read all about the circuitous route Ryan Bradley took to skating success in the November issue of SKATING.

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Fast start

Skating at the 2,000-seat Shin-Yokohama Skate Center, the U.S. men defeated Team Japan, 362.81-334.48, while the American ladies edged their Japanese hosts 289-284.9.

Klopfer Dunfield brings out best in skaters
by Lois Elfman

Her name is known by most skating aficionados and she is part of one of the most enduring images in skating, but many fans of the sport have never heard of Sonya Klopfer Dunfield.