June/July 2009

Poetry in motion

There's also more than meets the eye to Alissa Czisny, whose model looks mask determination and focus. This spring, hot on the heels of her first U.S. senior title, she earned a bachelor's degree in liberal studies from Bowling Green State University after juggling the demands of college and skating for five years.

"Discipline is her middle name," longtime coach Julianne Berlin said. "She's so organized. Everything is thought out and planned out."

"I've always enjoyed school and it was always important to me. Both [school and skating] teach discipline and time management skills. It's been good for me to have a little diversity, if nothing else.

Read all about 2009 U.S. champion Alissa Czisny in the June/July issue of SKATING.

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Community spirit
by Becca Staed

The 2009 U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships took place April 22-25 in Grand Rapids, Mich., and featured close to 400 skaters and around 800 starts.

Guiding Light
by Amy Rosewater

The U.S. Figure Skating mentoring program includes several Olympians and U.S. champions, including Dorothy Hamill, Paul Wylie and Tai Babilonia, and likely will expand to include several others soon.