June/July 2010

'I love skating again'

Sometimes, your toughest challenge brings a new perspective. Take Ashley Wagner, who just missed making the 2010 U.S. Olympic Team but rekindled her passion for the sport in the process.

"I learned why I love to skate, and I didn't realize I had lost that for so long," the U.S. bronze medalist said thoughtfully.

"It was so refreshing to get off the ice and realize I had had fun with it."

Read about Ashley Wagner's new-found love for figure skating in the June/July issue of SKATING.

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Sidelines to headlines
by Amy Rosewater

When Agnes Zawadzki first moved from Chicago to Colorado Springs, Colo., in April 2008, she knew she was going to be training at the same rink as Jeremy Abbott, Ryan Bradley, Brandon Mroz and Rachael Flatt.

Creating memories
by Becca Staed Bishop and Lexi Rohner

While many familiar faces were absent, that fact didn't diminish the excitement surrounding the 16th annual U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships at the Bloomington Ice Garden in Bloomington, Minn., April 13-17.