April 2002

Olympic Destiny
2002 Olympic Winter Games

Gold medals and a place in history awaited a number of athletes at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, Utah. A controversy in the pairs event nearly overshadowed the competition, but bronze medals from Timothy Goebel and Michelle Kwan, along with a stunning and surprising gold from Sarah Hughes, helped turn the attention back to the skating.


Somewhere in the middle of all the controversy surrounding the pairs at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games there was a competition - a glorious competition set apart from the judging scandal (see page 23). What might be the saddest part about all the controversy is that because of the hoopla, perhaps many people forgot about all the terrific performances that were displayed - from more than just the top two teams. ...


Sarah Hughes must have felt like she was dumped right down in the middle of a tornado. One minute, she's just fighting for a spot on the medal podium after finishing fourth in the ladies short program at the Olympic Winter Games. The next, she's the shining star of world figure skating with an Olympic gold medal around her neck. By now, the story behind her win is one of many enduring legacies of the Games, and it brought Hughes, who hasn't yet won a U.S. or World title, unexpected glory.


Paul Wylie's silver medal at the 1992 Olympic Winter Games seems like ages ago. In many ways, it was. His extraordinary performance in Albertville, France, was before the Nancy Kerrigan-Tonya Harding scandal, which signaled the beginning of skating's most popular years. ... But it was the last time an American man won a medal in the Olympic Winter Games - until Feb. 14 in Salt Lake City. That's when Timothy Goebel, who had previously not even medaled in a World Championships, reeled off a great Olympic performance to capture the bronze. ...

Ice Dancing:

By the time the ice dancing competition started at the Olympic Winter Games, the discipline was ripe for major controversy. Dance had already been implicated in some circles in connection with the pairs controversy. However, by the time the medals were awarded, much of the talk of scandal had dissipated in a somewhat underwhelming competition. ...

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