October 2003

U.S. Figure Skating Gets a New Look

Nike has the swoosh. McDonald's has the golden arches. Now U.S. Figure Skating has the boot.

As the competitive season gets underway, you will begin to see this fresh, exciting look for figure skating reflected in a variety of places. A dynamic organizational logo and redesigned web site are two of the ways U.S. Figure Skating is moving boldly into the millennium - and endeavoring to attract and retain audience support.

A New Brand

Since being introduced to delegates at the 2003 Governing Council meeting, the U.S. Figure Skating logo has been a hot topic in skating circles.

Most see the change as a positive one for U.S. Figure Skating, allowing it to have a real identity in an oversaturated sports market.

"The new logo communicates the vitality and energy of skating and clearly brands U.S. Figure Skating as America's figure skating authority," said Cindy Vannoy, vice president of advertising for ABC Sports.

John LeFevre, executive director for U.S. Figure Skating, also sees the new logo as a positive move for the sport.

"Now that our members are beginning to see the logo in use, we are receiving a lot of positive feedback," he said. "They are excited about the new look and are eager to incorporate the logo into their own materials.

Read more about U.S. Figure Skating's new look in the October issue of SKATING.

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On the Rise
by Amy Rosewater

In 1995 Nancy Fillebrown helped organize the first Theatre on Ice competition in the United States at the University of Vermont, and it attracted seven teams. In July, 20 teams entered the eighth annual International Theatre on Ice competition at Pickwick Ice Arena in Burbank, Calif.

Beating the Odds
by Nikki Nichols

Talking to Natalie "Kim" Seybold-Catron and seeing her on skates today, you would never know that two years ago the 37-year-old mother of two and former Olympic skater was learning how to walk and talk all over again. And you would never guess that she still has a tiny tumor lodged deep in her brain.

2004 State Farm U.S. Figure Skating Championships

Atlanta's Philips Arena will serve as the primary venue for the 2004 State Farm U.S. Figure Skating Championships. The contest will include more than 250 skaters who will vie for 12 national titles. As the host of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games, Atlanta is a city with an exciting future alongside its historic beauty and hospitality.

National Collegiate Championships
by Kelly Hodge

College students from around the country gathered Aug. 7-9 at The Depot Ice Arena in St. Paul, Minn., for the 2003 National Collegiate Championships. This year's competition featured four different categories and was highlighted by U.S. Team member Jennifer Don winning the senior ladies title.

What's New at U.S. Figure Skating?
by Executive Director John LeFevre

So what is new at U.S. Figure Skating? The answer is "a lot." First and foremost, the name U.S. Figure Skating is new. This name is not really new for those who are used to the "business names" of other national governing bodies such as USA Hockey, USA Gymnastics and U.S. Speedskating. But it is new for many in figure skating who have always known our organization as the USFSA.