October 2001

Cruisin' with Todd Eldredge

Todd Eldredge is just months away from a possible spot on his third Olympic team. Eldredge, however, is quite a different person from the guy who went after Olympic glory in 1992 and 1998. More relaxed and in tune with life, he still hopes 2002 will be the year he reaches one of his ultimate dreams.

He concentrated, honing in on creating a move as he had done so many times before.

Bring the hips forward in perfect rotation. Time everything to the millisecond. Finish as strong as he starts.

Todd Eldredge studied just where he wanted to land it. He looked for the marks, thought it through, visualized it in his mind from start to finish.

He then stepped forward, wound up and launched a near perfect sho to the green on the 18th hole in Las Vegas. He two-putted for par, and thus carded his best-ever score in his second love - the game of golf - a 71.

That mirrors Eldredge's life in his first love, skating; that is, surely he could have taken his chances for a wild shot on the green that day in Vegas, one that would have allowed him a chance to shoot a 70. However, such a risk, at least on that hole, didn't outweigh the consequences of blowing the green or landing in a sand trap, which would have killed his chances for his best personal performance. ...

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