November 2001

Michelle Kwan: The Poise of a Champion

Little girls across the country dream of growing up to be just like Michelle Kwan. She's extraordinarily talented and successful - and flows across the ice with such grace that, well, she takes your breath away. Being Michelle Kwan, however, isn't always that simple. There's pressure, time commitments and hard work. And yet, she still finds a way to make it look easy.

From the outside looking in, it would seem as if Michelle Kwan has everything going for her. An American skating icon who just captured her fourth World Championship title, Kwan is considered to be the top U.S. hope for the Olympic gold in Salt Lake City in February.

She's obviously talented, wealthy and has a new boyfriend. Life should be easy right?

But for Kwan, this skating season - one of her most important since she is approaching the Olympic Winter Games - there are so many decisions to be made, so many distractions to cope with and so many competitions and events before Salt Lake City that she isn't exactly gliding on easy street these days. ...

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Feature: Michael Weiss
by Rebecca Patrick

Michael Weiss is back - no doubt about it. Last year, the two-time World bronze medalist struggled through injuries and failed to make the World Team for the first time since 1996. The extra time off gave him more opportunity to train and prepare for the Olympic season, and he plans to be back in the thick of things at the 2002 State Farm U.S. Championships.

Competition: Goodwill Games
by Bob Dunlop & Laura Fawcett

Plushenko rocked the house ... Berezhnaya and Sikharulidze enchanted ... Slutskaya and Kwan mesmerized with their showdown ... and Michael Weiss is BACK! Brisbane, Australia, and the Goodwill Games provided a memorable backdrop for some interesting skating storylines.

Feature: Scholarly Skating
by Keri Blakinger

Skating doesn't have to end after high school. The opportunities for skaters in college continue to grow. Skaters can now join synchronized skating teams, compete in collegiate conference-style events and skate at the National Collegiate Championships. SKATING magazine has your "study guide" to research your plans.

Preview: Los Angeles 2002
by Doug Zeghibe

Where to dine, where to shop and where to have fun while you're in L.A. for the 2002 State Farm U.S. Championships.