January 2001

Remembering Our Future The USFSA Memorial Fund

The USFSA Memorial Fund celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. For the last four decades, American figure skaters have benefited from the legacy left by their fallen predecessors - the 1961 U.S. World Team. Out of so much grief and tragedy arose a memorial with lasting and tangible results. Some of the recipients of the Fund's money took the time to share how their quests for skating success have been boosted by the power of the Fund - proving that your gifts to the skaters yield dreams fulfilled.

When Derrick Delmore takes the ice at the U.S. Championships this month, he will have the support of countless people he probably doesn't even know. Tiffany Scott and Philip Dulebohn, in search of their first U.S. title, know that a legacy in the past helped pave the way for their future. Naomi Lang and Peter Tchernyshev can look back at all their struggles to pay for equipment, ice time and coaching and know they had help while chasing their dreams. And Jennifer Kirk - young, exuberant and full of promise - will skate in Boston representing the dreams of a thousand young girls before her ... and a thousand young girls to come.

All of them have goals for this month's U.S. Championships, and all of them are on the verge of seeing their dreams come to fruition. What's more, all of them, like so many other skaters competing in Boston, are in some way indebted to the USFSA Memorial Fund for their continued success. ...

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