December 2008

Meet Payton DeMotte
Payton Demotte

Age: 9

Hometown: Birmingham, Ala.

Home club: Birmingham Figure Skating Club

Levels: Pre-juvenile free skate, juvenile moves in field

Coaches: Claire Castleberry, Donna Bailey, Heather Mumper and Eric Mumper

How often do I skate: Five times a week during the school year and six to seven times during the summer

Favorite jumps/moves: Double Salchow and Biellmann

Favorite skater: John Zimmerman

Goals: To skate for my country and be a well-rounded skater

Favorite skating experiences: Performing in the Birmingham Figure Skating Club Christmas Show with Elvis Stoyko; skating with John Zimmerman and the “High School Musical” cast on a local early morning news show.

Hobbies: I love collecting a stuffed animal from each rink that I visit and compete.