February 2010

Meet Colette Danielski

Age: 9

Hometown: Eden Prairie, Minn.

Home club: Eden Prairie FSC

Level: Pre-preliminary

How often I skate: Four days per week, plus assisting with learn-to-skate lessons

Coach: Beth Nilsson

Favorite skaters: Sasha Cohen, Michael Weiss, Evan Lysacek, Alissa Czisny, Dorothy Hamill, Scott Hamilton, Todd Eldredge, Rachael Flatt

Favorite jumps/moves: Spiral, sit spin, loop jump, split jump, waltz jump, camel spin, back spin

Goals: To medal in my category at the Northland Figure Skating Competition in Duluth, Minn., and to master the Axel in 2010

Memorable moments: Winning two first-place medals in my first-ever competition at the Autumn Skate Fest in Burnsville, Minn.

Hobbies: Singing, dancing, playing piano, reading

Colette Danielski and coach Beth Nilsson
More favorites

Food: Chocolate ice cream

Singers: Justin Bieber, Ashley Tisdale

TV shows: "Dancing with the Stars" and all skating shows

Book: Fire on Ice by Sasha Cohen

Movie: Nancy Drew

Sports: Downhill skiing, soccer, swimming, horseback riding, cray-fishing