The U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills Program has numerous resources available to our many programs across the country. Whether you want to start/promote a program, give items to your members or educate your parents, we've got it all! Only registered Basic Skills program directors may order these materials.

Registration Forms and Manuals

Basic Skills Curriculum Charts (All PDFs)

U.S. Figure Skating and Rink Tank Interactive have created more than 400 high-quality video examples, and delivered them in a package called the Skate Coach App series for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

With 12 apps to choose from, skaters, instructors, parents and officials can see what every skill from every badge level in the Basic Skills Program is supposed to look like, all in a portability that is unparalleled. To find the Apps, go to iTunes and type U.S. Figure Skating in the search engine. Each app is available for $1.99.

Competition Manuals and Forms

Judges Worksheets

Basic Skills Directors Handbook

Basic Skills Performance Approvals

Basic Skills Performance Approvals allow full members to participate in Basic Skills-approved skating performances, ice shows, exhibitions and carnivals without the need for a separate U.S. Figure Skating sanction from a local club. Restrictions on performance approvals are that they do not include the participation of U.S. Figure Skating member skaters who are or have been active U.S. Championships competitors at or above the novice level within the past two years unless participation has been permitted by U.S. Figure Skating approval by way of sanction, ESCA (Eligible Skater Compensation Agreement) or special permission is obtained.

All competition and performance sanctions and approvals are now applied for via the Members Only site. The filing fee for obtaining a Basic Skills Performance Approval is $26. Please submit the application 30 days prior to your scheduled event.

All forms of advertising, announcements, programs or notices - including those on the Internet - of any approved performance or exhibition must state that the event is presented by the sponsoring club/program and approved by U.S. Figure Skating.

Promotional Materials