Snowplow Sam's Skating Tip of the Week: Always remember to bend your knees and ankles when learning basic skating - it makes everything easier!

Snowplow Sam: Road to U.S. Championships

Snowplow Sam is on the road to the U.S. Championships, which are in San Jose, Calif., Jan. 22-29. And like any good skating bear, he'll be stopping at ice rinks across the country to say hello and have his picture taken with his many friends!

Sam's Roadtrip Stops

*If you would like Snowplow Sam to add your city to his trip, contact Susi Wehrli-McLaughlin. Dates subject to change.

  • 11/26 - Pueblo, Colorado
  • 12/9-11 - Eagle, Colorado
  • 12/20 - Chicago, Illinois
  • 1/6-9 - Washington, DC
  • 1/10-1/15 - Wilmington, Delaware
  • 1/22-29 - U.S. Championships in San Jose, California
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