For questions pertaining to Adult Skating, please contactJason Spicer, email.
Statement of Purpose: To assist and guide the adult skating community in developing and realizing its full growth potential in conjunction with U.S. Figure Skating and the International Skating Union

Adult Skating Committee Chairs

Jason Spicer, email

Jason Spicer is honored to serve as Chair of the Adult Skating Committee for USFS. He is a firm believer that skating can be a lifetime sport, and always welcomes suggestions from members as to ways to offer more skating opportunities for adults.

Jason is double gold test medalist (senior moves in the field and free skating). As an adult, he has competed in all disciplines, and in the Championship singles and pairs events at the U.S. Adult Championships and the Adult Sectional Championships. He has also competed at the ISU Adult Competition in Oberstdorf, Germany. In addition to being a Gold Singles and Pairs test judge, Jason is also a long-time member of the Board of Directors for the Rye Figure Skating Club in Westchester County, NY, where he is also Membership Co-Chair and has previously served as Club Secretary. He has also repeatedly served as a delegate on the Club's behalf at Governing Council.

Professionally, after a 15-year career in Manhattan working in global real estate investment research, Jason moved to Cambridge, MA, where he recently earned a master's degree in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he is now engaged in teaching and research while working on his PhD. He also holds bachelor's degrees in Economics and in Sociology from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md.

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Vice Chairs

Lynne Maker Kuechle, Midwestern Sectional Vice Chair, email

Lynne Maker Kuechle, Midwest Sectional Vice Chair of the Adult Skating Committee, started skating on a neighborhood rink on double-runner blades at age 3. She began lessons at age 11 and has been skating ever since. Today she skates with the St. Paul Figure Skating Club. Aa sectional USFS singles and pairs competition and gold test judge, she's been a member of the Adult Skating Committee since 2007. She previously served as Midwest SVC from 2011-2013.

Maker Kuechle has passed the adult gold free skating, figures, moves and pairs tests; the fifth figure test; the standard novice moves, intermediate free skating and intermediate pair tests; the presilver dances; and the adult silver and intermediate free dance tests. She was the first competitor, and the first gold medalist, at the first U.S. Adult Skating Championships in 1995, and has medaled in figures, free skating, pairs, and showcase events at Adult Sectionals and the U.S. Adult Championships.

Maker Kuechle works as a writer and editor at Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare in St. Paul, Minnesota. She holds a bachelor's degree and two master's degrees from the University of St. Thomas and Hamline University, in St. Paul. She is nearing completion of a third master's degree in creative writing at Hamline and is working on a memoir about her lifelong fascination with figure skating. She won an artist initiative grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board in 2013. She lives with her husband, daughter, two dogs and a parrot in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

Elizabeth Risberg, Pacific Coast Sectional Vice Chair, email

Elizabeth Risberg is the Pacific Sectional Vice Chair of the Adult Skating Committee. She spent the latter part of her high school years in the rink, and after a 20-year hiatus, she returned to the ice in 1999, where she found her forte was to not be taken seriously (most of the time). What she does take seriously is her commitment to skating and to the ASC, where her goal is to help and support all adult skaters.

Elizabeth competes at the Adult Silver level and has competed at 12 U.S. Adult Championships in freeskate, light entertainment and dramatic events, and in solo ice dancing. She is working on testing her Adult Gold moves in the field, and has also passed her preliminary figure and dances.

Past president, officer and membership chair of The Skating Club of San Francisco, Inc., she is a Sectional announcer for U.S. Figure Skating, and has announced at numerous local, Regional and Sectional events, as well as on practice ice and warm-ups at Worlds, the U.S. Figure Skating Championships and Skate America.

A lifelong writer and editor, Elizabeth is director of public affairs for a large health benefits/insurance company. She holds an A.B. degree in psychology from Smith College and a master's in English from Notre Dame de Namur University. She lives in the San Francisco area with her husband, Eric, and 15-pound orange Manx, Julius. In her free time, she enjoys studying health and nutrition, working out, yoga, Pilates, writing and cooking.

Deborah Spence, Eastern Sectional Vice Chair, email

Deborah Spence is the Eastern Sectional Vice Chair of the Adult Skating Committee. She began skating at age 9. Growing up, she passed her Senior Freestyle, Gold Dance, Sixth Figure, and Intermediate Pairs tests, and competed in singles at regionals through the Junior level.

First assigned to teach an adult learn to skate class when she was in graduate school, Spence has since led numerous adult students through their MIF and Freestyle tests as well as to the podium at the U.S. Adult Championships at the Adult Bronze, Silver, and Championship Adult Gold levels. Her students' achievements inspired her belief in the lifelong opportunities of the sport: she has returned to the ice to compete as an adult at the Masters Junior-Senior level, skating in six Adult Sectionals and Nationals since 2004.

A member of the Philadelphia Skating Club and Humane Society and a Regional Technical Specialist for singles, this is her sixth year on the Adult Skating Committee. Spence holds degrees in history and criminology from the University of St. Andrews (in Scotland) and American University respectively; she currently resides in northern Virginia and works in research and development for the U.S. Government.
Vice Chairs for Adult Programs and Disciplines

Melissa Bowman, Vice Chair for Adult Showcase, email

Melissa Bowman, Vice Chair for Adult Showcase, first tried the ice in Yosemite on double runner blades and confesses her identity as a rink rat through her teen years. Later, she rediscovered the ice at age 31 by a chance field trip, and found herself buying lessons and skates. She has competed in ice dancing at U.S. Adult Championships with two partners, and competed in Showcase. She has served her club as a board member, test chair, competition chair, vice president, president and Governing Council delegate. She is also a Gold Singles and Pairs, Silver Dance and National Showcase judge. Melissa is also currently National Vice Chair of Showcase for the Theatrical Skating Committee.

She comes from a strong performing arts background: as a child she danced with San Francisco Ballet and holds a Bachelor of Music degree. She has also earned a Master of Library Science degree. She is currently a teacher librarian in the San Francisco Bay area. She has participated on the Adult Skating committee for a number of years and is thrilled to be a vice chair. Melissa resides in the Central Pacific Region in the Pacific Section.

Choeleen Loundagin, Vice Chair for Adult Pairs, email

Choeleen Loundagin, Vice Chair for Adult Pairs, started skating before the age of 3 and was first introduced to pairs by U.S. Hall of Fame member Lloyd "Skippy" Baxter, swinging her around in airplane spins, sometimes by only one foot. She officially took up pairs at the age of 39 and has since won the Championship Adult Pair title twice, as well as passed the Senior/Gold Pair test at the age of 45, and holds five USFS senior/gold test medals (including in figures, free skating, pairs, moves in the field).

She has served on the board of Santa Rosa FSC in the Central Pacific Region and has been a club delegate for the Pacific Coast Section at Governing Council for 2 decades. Choeleen has been a member of the Sport Sciences and Medicine committee for both USFS and PSA, she has been on the Adult Skating Committee since 2007, the Technical Panel Committee since 2013, and she serves as a NQ Technical Specialist. She is a PSA Master Rated coach in freestyle, and has coached students to 6 Adult Championship titles in singles. In addition to coaching skaters of all ages and levels, Choeleen's M.A. in Sport Psychology and her book The Inner Champion, enabled her to become an accomplished Performance Enhancement Consultant and a frequent presenter at PSA and USFS events. Choeleen looks forward to supporting the effort of introducing more adults to pair skating and keeping the ones that have already discovered the joy of pairs happily involved.

Lisa Chisholm, Vice Chair for Adult Dance, email

Lisa Chisholm, Vice Chair for Adult Dance, started skating as a young adult, taking group classes at a local rink. A music major in college, she fell in love with the combination of artistry and athleticism one can only find on the ice.

A charter member of the Central Carolina Skating Club in Hillsborough, NC, she has managed to continue her skating career while balancing a full-time career, and most recently, motherhood. Her 2-year-old daughter Elena is already on the ice with mom.

She has competed in Adult Couples Dance with partner David Tsai since 2006. Together, they started at Pre-Bronze level and will move up to Championship Adult Dance level in 2015. She is a Adult Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field and Freestyle, and plans to complete her Gold Dance Test in the fall of 2014.

Lisa has been a member of the US Figure Skating Adult Skating Committee since 2011, and continues to give back to the sport through volunteering for her local club and coaching group classes.

Lisa's 20-year career in television includes contract work for ESPN and FOX Sports. She is now a Producer & Project Manager for Cisco Systems in Research Triangle Park, NC.