Test Track

The test track is a new event for all nonqualifying competitions that limits the difficulty of skating elements performed in each level. The test track will line up the test structure requirements with the competition levels, giving skaters a fair playing field to continue competing and testing according to their abilities. There are no age restrictions for any of the levels included in the test track curriculum.

Skaters may choose to participate in either the test track or free skating track but not both during the same nonqualifying competition. The 6.0 judging system will be used for this new track.

Adding an alternative track for restricted competition will encourage skaters, offer them opportunities for success in a competitive atmosphere while they continue to progress through the test structure, gain credentials for future endeavors and retain membership in U.S. Figure Skating. Competitions that host these events will be offering more opportunities to keep skaters motivated along the pipeline and keep them enthusiastic about their abilities in hopes of retaining skaters who may be discouraged by the high level of technical elements at all levels.

Test Track Free Skating Track
All entries will be sub-divided by age Well-balanced program requirements found in U.S. Figure Skating Rulebook
Beginner (formerly Limited Beginner) n/a
High Beginner (formerly Beginner) No Test free skate
Pre-pre Test Pre-pre free skate
Preliminary Test Preliminary free skate
Pre-juvenile Test Pre-Juvenile free skate/Open Pre-Juvenile
Juvenile Test Juvenile free skate/Open Juvenile
Intermediate Test Intermediate free skate
Novice Test Novice free skate
Junior Test Junior free skate
Senior Test Senior free skate

Note: All Basic Skills competitions follow an approval process that is similar to the sanctioning process. The biggest difference in these events is they do not require officials to run or judge the event. The registered program and/or local club is the sponsor of the competition. Please refer to a Basic Skills Competition Manual for more detail.