SELF Magazine Names Michelle Kwan One of Most Inspiring Women of 2006

(8/21/06) - SELF Magazine has named Michelle Kwan as one of this year's "10 Most Inspiring Women." In the magazine's September issue, on newsstands nationwide starting August 22, SELF readers' votes for this year's list are featured. From down-to-earth cover model Faith Hill to selfless Katrina volunteers, SELF spotlights women who do their part to make the world a better place and encourages the magazine's 5.4 million readers to do the same.

SELF explains what fuels each of these trailblazers and how to follow their example. Celebs who made news this year include Brooke Shields, Reese Witherspoon, Sheryl Crow, Donna Karan and Katie Couric. Hillary Clinton has made the list for three consecutive years.

Kwan was recognized "for demonstrating the heroism in not winning." In SELF's profile of Kwan, the magazine writes, "In the 2006 Winter Olympics, skater Kwan, 26, broke our hearts when she had to retire without ever winning Olympic gold. 'It's not about the gold. It's about the spirit of it and the sport itself,' she told reporters.'I tried my hardest, and if I didn't win, it's OK.' That's what we call grace under pressure."

To emulate Kwan's example, SELF encourages readers to do as she does, and "after a fall, always get up with a smile."

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