Jurisdiction: the maintenance and administration of rules governing applications for membership; the investigation of such applications; the approval or disapproval of applications for individual, interim probationary, collegiate and school-affiliated membership; the recommendation to the Board of Directors of applicants for organizational supportive membership; the recommendation to the Governing Council of applicants for probationary and permanent club membership; the approval of change of name and/or of principal skating headquarters of member clubs; the placing of member clubs in an inactive status; the development of programs designed to provide growth in all membership categories; and the providing of assistance to member clubs with respect to their relationships with their rinks.

Alan Wolf

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Vice Chairs

Eastern Sectional Vice Chair Scott Cudmore
Midwestern Sectional Vice Chair Suzanne Clemente
Pacific Coast Sectional Vice Chair Lexi Rohner
Vice Chair for Rules & Policies Winston Burbank
National Vice Chair for Basic Skills Rick Ninko
National Vice Chair for Member Recognition Carolyn Haman
Vice Chair for Councils & Associations May Wiza

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  • In order to facilitate the work of the committee, it is the duty of each Liaison/Committee Member to participate fully in the policy determinations of the committee as a whole, by discussion, correspondence and voting.
  • Timely answering all ballots with full and serious consideration of each issue contained therein.
  • To receive and consider issues from member clubs, which believes that unfair, practices prejudicial to the club are being employed by another club (MR 7.00).
  • To serve as a resource to member clubs in assisting with the development and revision of their rules and bylaws.
  • To serve as a representative of the Membership Committee and U.S. Figure Skating in situations requiring "on-site" visits to a member club. (The Liaison/ Committee Member may also serve as the role of mediator for the purposes of resolving conflicts and issues between U.S. Figure Skating members and member clubs.)

Reporting Requirements:
  • Report to the sectional vice chair any issues of concern confronted in the course of the Liaison/ Committee Member's service on the committee.
  • Document issues and concerns addressed with members and member clubs on the liaison worksheet. (Worksheet used solely for the internal purposes of the liaison, SVC and chair of the Membership Committee.)

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