Athletes Advisory

Jurisdiction: the collection of viewpoints and ideas of active and former competitive athletes, the representation and promotion of the rights and viewpoints of active and former competitive athletes, the conducting of informational meetings and the election of individuals to serve in athlete positions of U.S. Figure Skating as well as athlete positions in the USOC.

Athletes Advisory Committee Leadership

Chair: Mark Ladwig

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Vice Chair - Molly Oberstar
Beckey Bereswill
Ashley Cain
Laney Diggs
Rachael Flatt
Christina Gao
Katrina Hacker
Emily Hughes
Chrissy Hughes
Ashley Wagner

Vice Chair - Douglas Razzano
Jonathan Cassar
Derrick Delmore
Scott Dyer
Grant Hochstein
Alexander Johnson
Jordan Moeller
Adam Rippon
Geoffry Varner
Jason Wong

Vice Chair - Amanda Evora
Bianca Butler
Marissa Castelli
John Coughlin
Amanda Evora
Mark Ladwig
Drew Meekins
Naomi Nam
Danny O'Shea
Tiffany Vise
Taylor Wilson

Vice Chair - Colin McManus
Evan Bates
Pilar Bosley
Anastasia Cannuscio
Isabella Cannuscio
Ryan Devereaux
Timothy McKernan
Kimberly Navarro
Nick Traxler
Jennifer Wester

Vice Chair - Jenna Longo
Sarah Arnold
Erin Cullen
Tessa Hedges
Erika Hoffman
Jenna Longo
Audrey McQuade
Ashley Mulhem
Ashleigh Ostin
Noelle Pearson
Devin Wang

AAC Members on the Board of Directors
Derrick Delmore, Athlete Member (Singles)
John Coughlin, Athlete Member (Pairs)
Pilar Bosley, Athlete Member (Ice Dancing)
Erika Hoffman, Athlete Member (Synchronized)

Nominating Committee Members
Eastern: Colin McManus
Midwestern: Mark Ladwig
Pacific Coast: Jonathan Cassar

"Athlete Alumni Ambassador" (3A) Award

The "Athlete Alumni Ambassador" (3A) award is a scholarship program that identifies skaters who have achieved a level of excellence in their sport and balance this success with an ability to volunteer and contribute within their community. Six finalists, as chosen by the AAC, receive a financial reward as follows:

  • Grand Prize Winner: $2,000
  • One winner in each of five disciplines (ladies, men's, pairs, ice dancing, synchronized): $500

The 2017 3A Award application is closed. Eligibility was based on a skater's success in the 2016-2017 season as a novice or junior level skater. The application deadline was Wednesday, April 5, 2017. The winners were announced at the 2017 Governing Council held in the beginning of May. 

For more information on the "3A" Award, please contact Pilar Bosley, AAC Chair, at

AAC Highlight Video

Becoming a Figure Skating Judge

Are you interested in becoming a figure skating judge but don't know how to start? U.S. Figure Skating has the answers. Go to the How To Be a Judge home page.