Making the decision to support U.S. Figure Skating is the first step, but there are an infinite number of ways you can help further the organization's mission. Do you have available assets that you would like to donate immediately? Would you prefer to donate after your lifetime? How much flexibility would you like to have in making your gift? Your answers to these questions will help decide which option best fits you. Will you give today or give tomorrow?

Giving Today is the best way to make an immediate impact on U.S. Figure Skating and its simple; all it requires is the transfer of your gift or, in the case of assets given to U.S. Figure Skating, a valuation of the donation for tax deduction purposes. Click here to explore the many ways you can support U.S. Figure Skating.

Make your donation today!

Are you unsure about contributing today?
Give Tomorrow by making a charitable bequest to U.S. Figure Skating after your lifetime. Charitable bequests provide several benefits:

  • Bequests are one of the easiest gifts to make; simply add a few lines to your will.
  • As components of wills, bequests are flexible. You may update your bequest at any time.
  • You may specify the use, size, and structure of the bequest.
  • Your estate will receive an estate tax charitable deduction when the bequest is executed.

Memorial Bequests are a wonderful way to leave your legacy, or honor a friend or loved one while supporting U.S. Figure Skating. Click here for more information about making a bequest to U.S. Figure Skating.

Endowments ensure your support of U.S. Figure Skating will continue, regardless of whether you choose to give today or tomorrow. When an endowed gift is made, the value of the gift is invested with and becomes a part of the U.S. Figure Skating endowment.

Annual distributions will be made according to any restriction you designate and, since the principal of the endowment remains intact, it will generate support for U.S. Figure Skating into perpetuity. Click here for more information on endowed gifts.

*As a non-profit, any donations made to U.S. Figure Skating are tax-deductible. U.S. Figure Skating does not provide tax consultation. Please refer all questions to your tax preparer.