Friday's News From the 2004 Governing Council

U.S. Figure Skating President Chuck Foster congratulates John Baldwin and Rena Inoue for a great season and for Baldwin's great keynote speech.

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(5/8/04) - Reigning U.S. pairs champion John Baldwin opened the 2004 Governing Council on Friday, May 7, with a keynote speech focusing on his perseverance in the sport of figure skating. Baldwin, who grew up in San Diego, gave an emotional flair to the beginning of the annual meeting with his reflections on his skating career.

U.S. Figure Skating President Chuck Foster said he thought of Baldwin as the keynote speaker after reading on U.S. Figure Skating Online that Inoue and Baldwin were donating their Champions on Ice tour fees to the Memorial Fund. Foster said he was moved by the gesture and by Baldwin's dedication to the sport. Baldwin has been competing on the national level for more than 15 years.

Baldwin began his speech by showing a video clip highlighting his career. It included photos from his career dating back to the late 70s and early 80s and ending with photos from the recent State Farm U.S. Championships and World Championships.

John Baldwin Speaks to the Governing Council (4.9 MB .avi file)

Read John Baldwin's Opening Remarks

Other Governing Council News

2005 Synchronized Skating Team Envelopes (These envelope changes have also been made on the Athletes home page)

The 12/4 Plan
In one of the top issues at this year's Governing Council, Other Business Item A, which stated: MOVE to rescind the action known as the 12/4 Plan as reported on page 25 of the Combined Report of Action of the May 9-10, 2003 Governing Council together with the listed specific rules to be affected was passed. The 12/4 plan was rescinded.

Competitions Committee
The following notable actions were taken:
APPROVED to amend CR 14.04 (C) that for championship men and ladies singles, the top three finishers in the last group in the short program will be the last to skate and will be drawn within the group of three. The 4th, 5th, and 6th place finishers will be the first to skate in the last group and will be drawn within the group of three.

APPROVED to amend CR 75.00 to change the size of qualifying rounds at the U.S. Junior Championships. When there are 20 or fewer skaters, it will remain as one group, and there will be no qualification round. Qualifying rounds shall be held when there are more than 20 competitors as follows:
  • 33-36 entries, there will be two groups. Nine from each group advance to the final round of 18
  • 29-32 entries, there will be two groups. Eight from each group advance to the final round of 16
  • 25-28 entries, there will be two groups. Seven from each group advance to the final round of 14
  • 21-24 entries, there will be two groups. Six from each advanced to the final round of 12
APPROVED to amend CR 6.01 to permit the following:
  • U.S. Figure Skating will assume the management of the U.S. Figure Skating Championships
  • U.S. Figure Skating shall pay all expenses involved with organizing and conducting the championships including but not limited to the expenses of referees, accountants, judges, assigned officials, medals, trophies, competition forms, computer costs and electronic scoreboards.
  • The host club, in good faith, along with U.S. Figure Skating will negotiate a standard agreement covering the U.S. Figure Skating Championships.
  • U.S. Figure Skating will pay a fee to the host club for supplying the local volunteers to carry out the various responsibilities assigned to them. The host club will keep any monies received from In addition, a finder's fee will be paid to the host club for any approved local cash sponsor or value-in-kind sponsors they may procure.

DID NOT APPROVE that juvenile and intermediate skaters qualify from regionals to sectionals and will qualify for the U.S. Junior Championships from sectionals.

50-Year Judges
Three judges were honored at the conclusion of business Friday at the 2004 Governing Council. U.S. Figure Skating recognized Virginia Vale, Eleanor Curtis and Franklin Nelson for 50 years of judging in the organization. Vale was unable to attend the meeting; however, former U.S. Figure Skating President Hugh Graham treated delegates to delightful anecdotes about the careers of both Curtis and Vale. Graham annually writes the biographies for the 50-year honorees and presents them with their plaques and pins. U.S. Figure Skating also honored the Skating Club of Dartmouth as a 50-year club. A reception for the honorees followed Friday's business.

Franklin Nelson, who was honored for 50 years of judging, poses with U.S. Figure Skating President Chuck Foster (left) and Hugh Graham (right).

Eleanor Curtis, with former U.S. Figure Skating President Hugh Graham, was honored for 50 years of judging.