Angela Nikodinov's Mother Dies in Car Accident

(1/12/05) — It is with deep regret that U.S. Figure Skating announces the death of Dolores Nikodinov, the mother of ladies skater Angela Nikodinov

Angela and her family were in a car accident today at 9:19 a.m. in a cab on their way from the Portland International Airport to their hotel. In the vehicle were Angela, her father Nick, her mother Dolores, her coach Igor Pashkevich and the cab driver. Dolores Nikodinov was pronounced dead at the scene. Angela, Mr. Nikodinov and Pashkevich were transported to Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland, Oregon.

We are extremely saddened by this tragedy and all of our support is with Angela and her family at this time. Our hearts go out to her and her father. The figure skating community is a close one, and we all grieve with the Nikodinov family.

Nikodinov has officially withdrawn from the competition.

Update (1/13/05)
U.S. Figure Skating team physician, Dr. John Lalonde, today made the following statement regarding the condition of Angela Nikodinov, her father Nick, and her coach, Igor Pashkevich:

"Angela and her father were treated and released yesterday. Angela suffered abrasions, contusions and lacerations to her right wrist. She has no broken bones or ligament damage. Her wrist is bandaged and it should heal nicely with rest and follow-up care. Nick Nikodinov has a few minor lacerations but otherwise he is doing fine.

"Igor sustained a concussion as well as a laceration on the right side of his head that required stitches. He fractured a bone in the back of his neck and has multiple contusions and abrasions, including on his hands. He is alert and aware but is in some pain. He has made progress since being admitted yesterday but he will stay overnight once again tonight for observation."

The Nikodinov family also released the following statement today:

"We would like to thank the medical staff at Emanuel Hospital and the emergency services from the city of Portland for their kindness and care. We would also like to thank U.S. Figure Skating for their quick, caring response to help us through this extremely difficult time. We have been spending these past hours with close friends and family members as we grieve our terrible loss.

"We appreciate all the love and support that we are receiving from the skating community and others. We ask that you continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers."

If you would like to send cards or letters, please direct them to U.S. Figure Skating at 20 First Street, Colorado Springs, CO  80906. An announcement will be made at a later date regarding funeral services and flowers for Dolores Nikodinov.