Statement About Condition of Canadian Pairs Skater Jessica Dube

Jessica Dube is taken off the ice by medical personnel.
Photo by Matt Stockman/Getty Images

2007 Four Continents Results, Photos, Video and News

(2/8/07) - ISU medical advisor Dr. Jane Moran spoke to media Thursday night about the condition of Canadian pairs skater Jessica Dube, who suffered an injury early this afternoon in the pairs free skate at the 2007 Four Continents Championships.

Dr. Moran made the following statement.

"Jessica [Dube] and [partner] Bryce [Davison] were skating this evening, and unfortunately Jessica had an accident with the skate blade to her face. She sustained a laceration to the left side of her face over the cheek and part of her nose.

Following that she was taken by ambulance to Memorial Hospital where she was seen in the emergency department by the very appropriate staff, and was seen by a maxiofacial trauma surgeon, who assessed her and X-rays were done. It was decided at the time that it was best to take her to surgery for exploration of the wound and repair. She's in surgery having that repair at this time. She'll be kept overnight for observation, and depending on how she is in the morning it will be decided whether she'll stay for further observation or she'll be discharged."

In follow-up questions, Dr. Moran added that the laceration was at mid-cheek and well below Dube's eye. She also said that "X-rays looked very good."

Dube, 19, and Davison, 21, were the first skaters to take the ice Thursday afternoon for the free skate. They won the Canadian pairs title two weeks ago.