Senior Director, Athlete High Performance
Mitch Moyer

Sports Sciences and Medicine Director
Peter Zapalo

Manager, Athlete High Performance Logistics
Ingrid Benson

Welcome to the Athletes section of U.S. Figure Skating Online. In this area you will find the following information:

Team USA

The Team USA page is the designated page for Team USA members. This page includes a list of the international assignments and results, and the current team envelope. In addition, this page holds important updates that only pertain to current Team USA members. Read more...

U.S. Synchronized Skating Team

Each year U.S. Figure Skating nominates approximately 10-15 high-achieving synchronized skating teams to the U.S. Synchronized Skating Team, also known as Team USA. Each qualifying team receives funding and an assignment to an international competition. Read more...


The Funding page contains valuable information about athlete funding opportunities. This page offers details about the funding opportunities available through U.S. Figure Skating, the USOC, the ISU and various other sources. Read more...


U.S. Figure Skating offers a limited number of camps each year. The camps are designed to address the development of elite and emerging elite athletes, with the goal of preparing these skaters to be successful in international competitions. Read more...


This page contains information on programs of the Athlete High Performance Department, including S.T.A.R.S. and the Team USA Prep Seminar. Read more...

Sports Sciences and Medicine

The Sports Sciences and Medicine page provides a broad selection of information and resources related to nutrition, athleticism, injury prevention, performance support, doping, planning and periodization, and more. Some of the best resources on this page include the online directory of sports science and medical specialists, the disordered eating handbook for coaches and a direct link to the O.U. Olympic Committee's Olympic Coach E-Magazine (free!). Read more...

Tests Passed/U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medalists

Every month we highlight those who have passed a U.S. Figure Skating test. This is the only place you'll find these names, as SKATING magazine no longer features them. Read more...

Getting Started in Pairs and Dance

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