Club Spotlight: Massachusetts Skaters Rally for New Club Water Filler System

June 2017
by Joanne Vassallo Jamrosz, special to U.S. Figure Skating

Lucy Gund, of Weston, Massachusetts, is a dedicated figure skater who is dedicated to the welfare of her fellow skaters, and the environment, too. Gund, a member of the Colonial Figure Skating Club noticed during last year's competitive season that many of the rinks she competed at had water bottle fillers.

"I thought the Colonial skaters would really appreciate having one too," Gund said. "We typically brought full water bottles to practice but would quickly use that up half way into our first hour of practice."

The only source of water was the bathroom sinks, but the water was not filtered.

"As a result we often purchased vending machine water which we knew was harmful to the environment," Gund said. "Also, since we don’t have a recycling service we took turns bringing home empty bottles. We did our best but inevitably many bottle made their way to landfills."

It was during rehearsals for the club's annual show, Ice Crystals that Gund brought up the idea of fundraising for a bottle filler.

"The skaters and coaches were very enthusiastic and supportive of the idea. I outlined a plan and got approval from the rink's management I selected a brand and model for the water system and set our fundraising target," Gund said.

Skaters immediately jumped on board. Together they organized a bake sale and used clothing sale and a go fund me page.

"We also received donations from generous parents, creative coaches who made it fun by contributing to the fund when we landed new jumps, and our awesome off ice trainer who donated proceeds from used equipment," Gund said.

The skaters reached their goal of $1,500 within two months.

"When I reported to the rink manager that we had met our goal she explained that she had been thinking about the idea since I presented it to her," Gund said. "Since we were putting it in the main area of the facility where hockey and public skaters could also access it she decided to cover the cost and told us to keep the funds to put it towards another area," Gund said.

The water bottle filler was officially installed in early July in time for summer training. Now the skaters are busily in the process of identifying improvements they would like to see in their locker room area that they could cover with the fundraising proceeds.

"We're thrilled with our new water bottle filler and the opportunity to make further improvements to Colonial," Gund said.

Gund said by far the best part of working on this project was the collaboration. Although she started the project, Gund believes she would never have been able to meet her goal without the help from "the amazing Colonial Figure Skating Club community."

"This project reinforced how strong we are as a club, not just in our talented hard working skaters, but in our community," Gund said. "Everyone at Colonial is motivated to make a positive difference and it was just so special to see skaters and coaches of all levels and backgrounds working together to achieve a goal and benefit the club."


Members of the Colonial Figure Skating Club host a bake sale to raise funds for a new water filler system

Paige Felton (not pictured), Iris Zhao, Jamiesen Cyr, Mina Vonhuene, Lucy Gund, Sami Winawer and Emma Leonard all helped with the fundraising efforts