U.S. Figure Skating Nonqualifying Competitions

Nonqualifying competitions are events sanctioned by U.S. Figure Skating, and hosted by a member clubs that provides an opportunity for any U.S. Figure Skating members to participate in a competition.

U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned competitions follow U.S. Figure Skating rules, and are officiated by officials approved through U.S. Figure Skating's rules.

Any member club that follows the appropriate procedure may host a nonqualifying competition.

U.S. Figure Skating's Competitions Committee is pleased to announce the creation of a STANDARD nonqualifying competition announcement. All competitions are strongly encouraged to use this announcement for their competition.

The standard announcement features the following:
  • A customizable template, so that all announcements will look the same to competitors. It is in word document format, so you can follow through and fill the details specific to your event in.
  • Standard levels and rules. Every competition will have the same levels, with the same skating rules at each level. Skaters will have one program per event, and can use it at every competition without the worry or expense of making changes. Judges and accountants will have an easier time as well.
  • A menu of "specialty" events to choose from - including Compulsory Moves, Spins, Jumps, Step Sequences, Moves in the Field, Showcase, etc. Each club can choose the events they'd like to offer, but if they do offer them, the rules are standard.
  • Skating rules pre-filled into templates that can be copied-and-pasted into your announcement. All you do is select your event choices, then copy and paste the chart of pre-filled rules in.
  • U.S. Figure Skating rules for coaches rules pre-written into the announcement.
  • Other general U.S. Figure Skating rules, such as liability and eligibility, pre-written into the announcement.
  • Each page has a watermark with the U.S. Figure Skating logo and "U.S. Figure Skating Standard Nonqualifying Competition" written on the bottom to highlight to athletes, parents and coaches this event is standard.
  • Singles Competitive Pipeline (PDF)

The following tools are provided below to help your club:

1. Instruction Sheet for Sanction Officers (DOC, PDF)

2. The General Nonqualifying Competition Standard Announcement (DOC, PDF)

3. The General Nonqualifying Competition Standard Announcement EMS Template (DOC, PDF)

4. A Synchronized Skating ONLY Standard Announcement Template (DOC, PDF)

5. A Synchronized Skating ONLY sample entry form (for those not using an online portal (DOC, PDF)

The following standard U.S. Figure Skating Events are available for your use. It is our recommendation that you copy & paste each link into your announcement.

1. Free Skate & Short Programs - Singles

2. Compulsory Moves - Singles

3. Specialty Events - Singles

4. Dance (Partnered)

5. Pairs

6. Showcase

7. Theatre On Ice

8. Dance (Solo)