About the U.S. Collegiate Championships

Some skaters are lucky enough to go to a college with a collegiate figure skating club. And, some skaters choose to go to colleges without figure skating clubs. Whether you are the lone skater at your school, or a member of a varsity figure skating team, you can compete at the U.S. Collegiate Championships!

The longest running of all the collegiate programs, this competition started in 1985. Each summer, this competition welcomes full-time college students to participate from all over the country. Athletes ranging from intermediate through senior athletes are eligible to compete.

The competitors find a friendly atmosphere, and make lots of new friends who share their love for figure skating. In addition, skaters get a chance to learn about U.S. Figure Skating activities, volunteer opportunities in figure skating, coaching, forming collegiate clubs on their campuses, and even try their hand at trial judging!

Collegiate Championship Award Program

The Collegiate Championship Award Program emanates from the Pioneer Fund and is given out annually based on the results at the U.S. Collegiate Championships. This award program developed to assist the winners with a one-time monetary scholarship award. The awards are distributed following the winners' successful completion of their full-time, fall term/semester*.
In 2017, Pioneer Fund Collegiate Championship Award Program was given in the following award amounts:

  • Senior Men's Champion: $5000
  • Senior Men's Silver Medalist: $2500
  • Senior Ladies Champion: $5000
  • Senior Ladies Silver Medalist: $2500
  • Senior Ladies Bronze Medalist: $1000

  • 2019 U.S. Collegiate Figure Skating Championships

    The 2019 U.S. Collegiate Championships will be hosted by Ice Works FSC and held in conjunction with the Philadelphia Summer Invitational, July 29-31, 2019.

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