Adult Skating Committee

U.S. Figure Skating has an extensive volunteer network of committees supporting all disciplines and aspects of figure skating. The Adult Skating Committee (ASC) is dedicated to the growth and advancement of adult skating within U.S. Figure Skating. Committee representatives exist in most areas of the country, and are a valuable resource in assisting adult skaters with information regarding testing, clubs, rule interpretation and networking with other adult skaters.


For questions and suggestions pertaining to Adult Skating, please contact:

Aviva Cantor
Adult Skating Chair

Lori Fussell
National Vice Chair for Adult Skating, Competitions Committee

Adult Skating Program Information

Karissa Woienski
Figure Skating Programs Manager

Adult Skating Committee Statement of Purpose

*To nurture and support the expansion of the vibrant and diverse family of adult figure skaters in harmony and partnership with the U.S. Figure Skating population.

*To function as advocates for the adult skating community.

*To provide meaningful on-ice events for all ages and abilities of adult skaters, promoting the idea that the ultimate success in adult figure skating is continuing to be able to skate for life.

Adult Skating Program Leadership


Aviva Cantor, Chair

Athlete Services and Technical Subcommittee
Rochelle Revor, National Vice Chair for Athlete Services and Technical
Reed Hastings, Vice Chair for Adult Singles
Rachel Kuhn, Vice Chair for Adult Dance
Stephen Trzaska, Vice Chair for Adult Pairs
Julie Gidlow, Vice Chair for Adult Showcase
Ian Macadam, Vice Chair for Adult Technical Panel

Learn to Skate USA and Nonqualifying Subcommittee
Lisa Landon, National Vice Chair for Adult Learn to Skate USA and Nonqualifying

Community Support and Development Subcommittee
Cara Scudner, National Vice Chair for Community Support and Development

Communications Subcommittee
Michael Cruz, National Vice Chair for Communications


Lori Fussell, National Vice Chair for Adult Skating