National Skating Month

This January, we invite you to discover the magic of skating with 2020 National Skating Month!

National Skating Month is an opportunity for rinks, clubs and programs to celebrate skating and invite new families to the ice by offering free lessons, skating demonstrations and open house events.

For rinks, clubs, programs:
With January being several months away, we want to give you ample opportunity to plan your event. Rather than asking for event details now, we encourage you to purchase your kit and spend the next few weeks planning the logistics of your open house. We are here to help you with this process and will be sending all kit purchasers tips, resources and on-demand training videos to ensure that your event is the best that it can be. Then, once kits are prepared and ready for distribution, we will circle back to learn more about your event(s) and assist you with your marketing efforts. Rinks, clubs and programs are encouraged to plan energetic, family-friendly events that showcase the fun and empowering nature of ice skating.

The size, scope and frequency of National Skating Month events are at the discretion of the host organization. We recommend reserving at least one kit per event. Each $40 kit contains an official National Skating Month poster, themed marketing materials, numerous giveaway items, downloadable event resources, National Skating Month skill cards and other fun activities to enhance your event. 

Click here to reserve your 2020 National Skating Month kit

U.S. Figure Skating is here to help you prepare for and organize your event. Please review the documents in the resources tab and keep an eye out for additional resources in the coming months.

Share your stories:
Don't forget to share your celebrations! As soon as your event is complete, please send us photos, videos, summaries of your events, news stories and clips. We will post them throughout the month to share with our membership.

Together we can help new skaters across the country skate to great, one blade at a time!

For participants:
Have you ever wanted to lace up a pair of skates and take the ice? Now is your chance! Learning to skate is easy and fun. It requires a little determination and a lot of practice. Before you know it, you will be gliding forward and even backward! Whether your goal is to learn to skate backward, spin really fast or even land an Axel, we can help you start!

Remember, every champion had to begin with a few lessons - just like you!

To learn how get started, suggestions on what to wear, how to fit and lace skates properly and some easy tips for your first steps on the ice, click here.

About National Skating Month
National Skating Month is the biggest annual campaign for recruiting new skaters. It is an opportunity for rinks, clubs and programs to celebrate skating and invite new families to the ice by offering free lessons, open houses and skating demonstrations. Through a series of organized on- and off-ice activities, everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled day at the rink.


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