Solo Dance Series Technical Information

Latest Updates and Clarifications

7/20 - Updates to reflect ISU changes: Added new marking guide for +5/-5 GOE scale; Juvenile Choreo Step code updated to pChSt; Revised scale of values for pattern dance.

6/22 - Twizzle levels have been clarified in the Technical Handbook, and the Officials Manual has been updated with corrected judging qualifications.

5/18 - The list of Solo Dance Codes has been updated with corrected codes for the Cha-Cha Congelado second sequence and Rhumba second sequence.

4/13 - New updates to the Technical Handbook have been made; changed sections have been highlighted in the document.

4/5 - New clarifications: Technical Handbook - twizzle levels. Officials Handbook- PD musical requirement deduction. Skaters Handbook - number of Blues patterns for Shadow Dance. All changes are highlighted in their respective documents.

3/19 - Illegal Elements in the Technical Panel Handbook has been updated to include "jumps of more than one-half (1/2) revolution" and "two or more consecutive one-half (1/2) revolution jumps."

General Resources and Charts

IJS Frequently Asked Questions
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Short Dance Requirements
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Solo Dance IJS Codes
Pattern Dance Diagrams

Additional Resources for Coaches

Coaches IJS Webinar
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Additional Resources for Officials

LOC and Referee Memo, Technical Panel
2018 Technical Panel Handbook
2018 Officials Handbook
Solo Dance IJS Judges Webinar
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IJS Quiz for Judges
Solo Dance Technical Panel Webinar
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