U.S. Figure Skating is comprised of 26 permanent committees, organized into five committee groups.  Each committee has a specific role to play in supporting the organization is carrying out its mission. The responsibilities of each committee, by group, are detailed in the U.S. Figure Skating Committee Handbook.

The committees oversee, interpret and adjust rules under their jurisdiction to ensure that their part of the sport is relevant, current and in support of where we want to go.  Committees evaluate, develop and implement programs to support members in their areas. Committees partner with staff liaisons and assigned departments at U.S. Figure Skating headquarters to ensure that their mission, programs, roles, etc., are carried out effectively throughout the organization.

Committee chairs are responsible for thoroughly understanding their area, understanding the Strategic Plan, and leading their members in supporting these areas.  Each committee is represented by a Group Coordinator on the Board of Directors. 

Committee Structure

Administrative / Legal Group
Strategic Planning*

Athlete Services Group
Athlete Advisory*
Memorial Fund
Dance Development & Technical
Pairs Development & Technical
Singles Development & Technical
Sys Development & Technical

Membership Development Group
Adult Skating
Programs & New Programs Development

Technical & Officials Group
Domestic Officials Recruitment & Management
Domestic Selections
Officials Training

International Group
International Officials

*The members and chairs of these committees are designated by U.S. Figure Skating Bylaws
**Per U.S. Figure Skating bylaws, the Nominating Committee does not nominate Chairs for these permanent committees.

For more information about U.S. Figure Skating Committees, please look at the handbook here.