Theatrical Skating

The Theatrical Skating Committee consists of a chair and the following members:

A. National vice chair of Theatre On Ice
B. National vice chair of Showcase/artistic skating
C. Three sectional vice chairs (one from each section)
D. Two judge members
E. Three athlete representatives
F. Two coach representatives
G. Up to four additional members
H. Program Development Committee chair (ex-officio member)
I. Competitions Committee chair (ex-officio member)
J. Judges Committee chair (ex-officio member)

The Theatrical Skating Committee is responsible for:

A. Creating objectives and program options to foster the growth, development and long-term success of artistic skating, Theatre On Ice and Showcase/artistic athletes;
B. The composition, conduct and manner of performance of all theatrical skating events;
C. The marks and judging standards for theatrical skating;
D. All matters related to theatrical skating in competition not otherwise delegated to the Competitions Committee

Chair: John Cole  

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