Approval Procedure for Hosting a State Games Competition

To improve the quality and uniformity of the State Games competitions, the State Games Committee requires all State Games competitions to apply for a competition sanction for their event. 

The president or secretary of the hosting club must fill out and submit their sanction application online on the Members Only site at least 30 days in advance of the planned distribution of their competition materials. The sanction must be approved before the announcement is made public.  
If you have Compete USA events in your announcement for State Games, you must also apply for Compete USA competition approval. Exact wording of events is necessary. To help with the Compete USA part of your announcement and to help with obtaining your Compete USA approval, please refer to the link in the Resources Box, titled "Compete USA Competition Manual." 
1. Visit the Members Only section. 
2. Log in using your membership number and password information. 
3. Go to the Club Management section and scroll down to Sanctions. 
4. The president or secretary of the club will need to fill out the sanction and check the box that this is a State Games event. 
5. The sanction request will be submitted through Members Only. 
6. The Section Vice Chair (SVC) for State Games must approve the announcement and will forward the request to have a sanction issued. A sanction must be approved for the competition before the announcement is made public. Please do not distribute the competition announcement before obtaining this approval from the State Games SVC. 
7. U.S. Figure Skating Headquarters will issue your competition an official approval certificate or sanction and will have it available for download in the Club Management area of the U.S. Figure Skating website. 
8. Display this certificate throughout the duration of the State Games competition.  

Sonja Kaminski

Robert Gall

William Cloran